Counselling Placements for Students


AAAC Counselling is a small therapeutic service offering short term solution focused counselling free of charge to adults who have been sexually abused as a child, and that meet our NHS Pathway Criteria.

Our referrals are received from GP’s, Nurse Practitioners, Family Services, Probation, and various other Mental Health Services within Hastings, St Leonards, Bexhill and Rother.

The counselling is provided by Affiliate Counsellors who are not employed by AAAC but working on a self-employed basis.

Due to the continued demands on our service we are now offering 4 student counsellor placements each year. To apply students will need to be in their final year of a 2- or 3-year counselling course, at Diploma level or above, and must satisfy BACP accreditation requirements (a minimum of 2 yrs. p/time). We do not count the first years training in hypnosis with Chrysalis or any other training institute.

Our placements, continued support and guidance provides students with the platform to gain experience working with clients and to develop insight and the much-needed knowledge and understanding required when working within the field of Abuse and Trauma.

We preferably like to accept candidates with at least 15 hours of supervised counselling practice, however, we understand that for students seeking a placement this is generally not possible, therefore we have a robust interview and induction process which includes a 2 day In-House Training (there is a contribution cost), Group and Peer Supervision, specialised training prior to starting individual counselling. We prefer students to either be actively engaged in or have completed personal therapy hours for their course.

Our Selection Process

  • Students complete and return an application form.
  • Two interviewers conduct the interviews 
  • Students ability to commit to the service for a minimum of an initial 12 months and on completion of their course for a further 6 months. 
  • Student will be informed of the outcome via email. 

Probationary Period

All students join AAAC on an initial probationary period of 3 months, during this time the clinical lead monitors the students progress.  A review of the placement will take place after 3 months at which time if both the student and AAAC feel all is well the student will commit to staying with AAAC for a further 15 months. If it is felt necessary, the probationary period can be extended. An appraisal undertaken by Clinical Lead will take place 12 months from the start of the placement. 

Required Counselling Hours

Students will generally commence with 1- 2 clients; this can then be increased to a minimum of 3 clients per week in agreement with the clinical lead and student. After 6 months caseloads can be increased to a maximum of 4 clients per week.  Students must be able to be in clinic for a minimum of 46 weeks a year, and not to take more than 3 weeks holiday at any one time as this impacts on clients. For safety, ethical and professional reasons counselling sessions will always be arranged when either the clinical lead or another counsellor is in the building.


Students are required to attend the 2-hour fortnightly supervision group and the bi-monthly peer supervision to maintain the standard of service and to support them. 

What You Get from joining us

Joining AAAC as a student counsellor enables you to gain vital therapeutic practical experience with adults that are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and to gain experience for possible future employment. 

AAAC Counselling is the only service in Hastings, St Leonards, Bexhill and Rother that specialises in the field Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma. 

Whilst at this time we do not run our own CPD programme we support students and affiliate counsellors to have access to the training they need for the benefit of the client and their work as a counsellor. 

How to Apply

If what you have read about our student placements and would like to join our team request your application pack by emailing Deborah at

For trauma and abuse counselling, contact our expert counsellors.

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